Henna Training Course

Heavenly Henna brings you a beginner's / advanced course in the art of Henna. The Foundation Course provides an Introduction for those new to henna and teaches an extensive amount of knowledge for a beginner level. The Advanced course is for those who have already done the Foundation Course and who wish to improve their skills to achieve professional results. Both courses consist of discussion, theory, demonstration and individual guidance.

About the training

Heavenly Henna courses are run on a One-to-One or small groups up to 8 persons. The aim is to ensure the student gains the most from the course. The students will:

  • Gain maximum progress during a short period of time

  • Improve level significantly

  • Have targeted learning in areas of weakness or areas where you are lacking confidence

  • You want to build a one to one relationship with an experienced artist

Course structure:

  • Types of henna
  • Types of henna designs
  • Henna preparation
  • How to make a basic cone
  • Basic designs and techniques
  • Practical application
  • Cone pressure control and after care
  • Health and Safety

Course structure:

  • Introduction to basic designs and techniques
  • Types of henna designs
  • Learn how to make the simplest designs look more detailed and intricate
  • Learn how to connect designs (bride and groom, peacock)
  • Advanced designs
  • Cone pressure control
  • Introduction to bridal henna
  • After care and discussion about side effects
  • Health and Safety

The following are provided as part of the course:

  • Free henna kit worth £25
  • Step-by-step training manual
  • Training equipment provided on day
  • A light buffet lunch
  • Certificate of Attendance

Training Days

Number of persons
Choose preferred course date

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Contact: Nilofer Razzaq
Contact Nilofer on 0161 728 3343 OR 07968710827
Email: nilofer.razzaq@heavenlyhenna.co.uk