Mendhi Cones

My mendhi cones are made and packed freshly using the highest quality mendhi powder.
Available to purchase at £2.00 each.
Mendhi cones is 100% natural and is made using natural oils and water. Postage and packaging prices apply.
Glitter mendhi gels are available at a cost of £5.

Empty henna applicators

50 pre rolled empty henna cones/applicators. Material used is cellophane. Pre-rolled, ready for you to fill with your own henna paste. Cones are approx 7inch tall and fit 25g of henna. They have been tipped so you can create very thin lines! I use these and find they are very easy to hold and work with. Paper Colours may vary

Acrylic Practice henna Hand

Acrylic Practice henna Hand template is the perfect tool for henna training.

Top Quality    size :  Long - 17”. Easily removes henna when it's dry and just need a wipe with water to clean it!   If the henna is left on hand for a long time you can use alcohol or acetone to clean it.  It’s a fantastic tool for training, practicing and perfecting your skills.  You can draw, wipe and re-draw. It is completely re-usable on both sides  You can use all types of natural henna.